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We strongly believe in the good work done by non-profit organizations.

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It is a part of our mission to help non-profits spread their message and achieve their goals by providing effective yet affordable websites and marketing materials.

Having worked for and with non-profits in the past, we understand the tight budgets (and tight deadlines!) of the non-profit sector. We will move as quickly or as slowly as you need. We'll also work with you to develop a budget for the grant proposal or to help encourage that big donor to give to the campaign.

We offer a 15% discount to non-profit organizations on all of our design work. That's off every design project, all the time.

We also offer alternative choices on papers, inks and marketing that avoids the use of paper altogether. We work with great printers that are dedicated to keeping costs down while providing options for those that want to print responsibly. We also offer, at no charge, thousands of environmentally and socially themed images that can take your pieces to the next level.

It is rewarding to us to know that our talents are being put to use for a greater cause. Let us know how we can help!

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