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Susan Lawrence | Principal, Design

Susan Lawrence

My love for art began as a young child, while painting watercolors with my dad and weaving baskets with my mom. Traveling to craft fairs throughout the mountains of Virginia, I planned to live care-free and sell my paintings by the side of the road. Coming to the realization that this wouldn't feed a family, I changed plans and decided to pursue a graphic design career.

My first design position was with a northern Virginia media company where I designed ads and assisted with the production management of four northern Virginia weekly newspapers. It was back to basics as we printed our ad designs and sent them through the wax machine before rolling them onto the pages of the newspaper where they would appear. In those days, a last minute "cut and paste" would actually involve a knife and wax paste as we repositioned text and images by hand.

While employed as production manager at a major DC-based trade association, I was responsible for the production of over thirty publications annually. Here I learned valuable skills in the production arena, such as managing multiple projects simultaneously, from start to finish, including finding the perfect vendors for the job.

Eventually, the call to the free-spirited lifestyle came back and I began freelancing, first in addition to and then in replacement of my 9-5 (or was that 8-6?) corporate job. Freelancing eventually grew into Visual Communications, and then into Bold Print Design Studio. Here I continue to balance earning a living, exploring and developing my love of art and design, and spending time with my family.

Scott Lawrence | Principal, Operations

Scott Lawrence

Growing up in Northern Virginia during the sprawl boom, I saw favorite trees and playing fields lose out to strip malls and pavement far too many times. In 1990 I realized my life passion at the 20 year anniversary of Earth Day in Washington DC. I graduated from Radford University in 1997 and soon after interned with The Nature Conservancy and The American Ocean Campaign. Later employed as a program assistant at Environmental Defense Fund in Washington DC; I developed important skills such as project management, client communications and strong organizational skills.

Leaving the environmental/non-profit sector was a difficult decision, and I am fortunate to be able to keep these issues close to my heart both at Bold Print and in my personal life. Having non-profits as a specialty market of Bold Print Design, we partner with many such groups, helping to spread the word of protecting the natural environment and encouraging social responsibility.

Moving our business and our family to the Outer Banks of North Carolina has allowed me to become involved with environmental issues, especially coastal and ocean related issues, in a much more hands-on manner. I recently served as President of the Carolina Estuarine Reserve Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to helping the NC Coastal Reserve build awareness of the environmental hazards associated with our region. I currently serve the Surfrider Foundation as manager of the Adopt-a-Beach program in the towns of Nags head and Kill Devil Hills.

I am excited about being involved with a growing graphic design company. I look forward to putting my skills to the test as I take Bold Print Design Studio to the next level. Contact me directly if you need anything at all.

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